Hideo Kojima is one of gaming’s true auteurs, and also kinda weird

Video games a medium where it is inherently hard for there to be auteurs. Any triple-A that gets released has been worked on by hundreds of people and as such, it is hard for any one person to have a lot of control over any one game. Even prominent directors like Todd Howard and Jeff Kaplan aren’t really thought of as auteurs because of the number of people who work alongside them.

There are a few developers however who’s influence over their games are so easily identifiable that they cannot be called anything but video game auteurs. Chief among these is Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima.

Kojima started the Metal Gear series in 1987 with the simply named “Metal Gear“. The series moved into 3D in 1998 with “Metal Gear Solid” on the playstation1 and that’s when Kojima’s personal touch on the series really started to shine through.

Simply put, Metal Gear is a weird series that was created by Kojima, who is a weird guy.

Nevertheless, Metal Gear is a medium-defining series and Kojima is one of the most influential game developers ever.

Not all good things last however and Kojima left Metal Gear’s parent company, Konami, in 2015. In 2016 Kojima announced his newest project, “Death Stranding”.

I you couldn’t tell from that trailer, “Death Stranding” included actor Norman Reedus, an invisible oil baby (of course) and spiders? Pretty much all par for the course for Kojima though.

It’s been three years later and still, basically, nothing is known about this fever dream of a game. But hey, that’s Kojima for you.

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